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The Playhouse in San Anselmo

Thank you for visiting the online home of The Playhouse in San Anselmo. This building began it's storied life as a gymnasium for the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Since then it has become a theater space and has housed countless theatrical productions. Many young people have taken their first steps onstage here and we are proud to say that we continue the tradition that supports community productions brought to our stage.

The fans and friends of The Playhouse in San Anselmo spent the pandemic months of 2020 and into 2021 helping The Playhouse survive the COVID-19 shutdown. There were so many performance submissions to our online fundraisers that we had enough footage for four full shows that we streamed from YouTube. We asked for help during the sheltering and quarantine and you delivered.  The Playhouse is indeed loved by performers and audience alike.

On June 15, 2021 California allowed indoor venues to bring live theater back to the stage.  This means we are able to open our doors to production companies and welcome audiences back into our theater.

For more than 50 years The Playhouse in San Anselmo has served the community as a performing arts center for dance recitals, student performances, local and touring theatrical companies, music concerts and other innovative productions. The Playhouse is a low-cost rental  facility.  It  is our mission to keep rental fees and production costs low.  We offer a full-service performing space complete with everything required for a professional theater production.

Explore the pages of our website and please subscribe to get information on all of our productions.

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