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A Playhouse One Act "The Year End Gift"

We had a little fun writing our annual gift consideration messages for 2023. We thought we'd share in case our email missed you. If you subscribe we'll send you this kind of entertainment about once a year, although no promises that we are this inspired for better or worse at year end 2024.

A Playhouse One Act For Your Year End Gift Giving Consideration


MIRANDA, (an enthusiastic and eccentric theater director, hands out a letter to THE BOARD CHORUS who have gathered around the stage. smiling): Hold onto your hats because 2023 was so wild, it makes Shakespeare look like a sitcom.

THE BOARD CHORUS exchange curious glances as they dive into the letter

FINN: Guess what? Our new lights have got more drama than a soap opera. The stage is now officially the coolest spot in town! (breaking out in song) New lights are a disco dream, a dazzling sight, energy saved with colors so bright!

DUKE (an overextended but passionate technical theater director) "The crows nest" is looking better than ever! Look at how well those drapes change that acting area!

TELLULAH (the dedicated manager, nods in agreement) And we've spruced up the exterior, too, protecting us from the elements like a superhero in a spandex suit. Take that, weather! The exterior is this season’s blockbuster hit! Even our iconic oculus windows got some love.

The atmosphere shifts as they look towards the audience, the full impact of the return of theater after the pandemic showing clearly on their faces

MIRANDA: (teary-eyed, dramatically) Our house and hearts are full again. It's like we went from a tragic play to a rom-com sequel. Thanks to all of our performing artists and their communities, we’re back with the magic of live performances.

The group shares warm smiles, reflecting on the shared joy of theater's revival. hearty laughs, as they exit, sharing sounds of joy and anticipation; cries of “2024 we could finish the lighting upgrades!”, “improve drapery”, “rebuild railings”, “fix staircase”, “refresh porch”, “facilities upgrades" heard as BEGIN FADE OUT

Epilogue: (steps into follow spot center stage) As with all productions we must be complete, and so as Epilogue I'm here to explain the conceit! First and for fun, can you tell who our cast of characters really are? Guess for fun and let us know what you think. But now to business … Ahem (clears throat) The Playhouse in San Anselmo is a 501c3 organization; your contribution is deductible to the extent provided by law. Our federal tax identification number is 68-0395664

Happy Holidays from The Playhouse in San Anselmo and a Happy New Year

Rainbow Lighting using our new LED instruments

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