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He Won't Get Too Far

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

After eighteen years of service as the Playhouse General Manager our dear George Barcos has decided to retire. We won't let him get too far away, though! He will continue on our Board of Directors and offer us his sage advice and wisdom for hopefully many years to come. Sadly, his final day as General Manager is Sep 30 this year.

It takes a Board to replace anyone as experienced as George! A team of three experienced board members, Tori Housh, Jen Boynton and Marilyn Izdebski will provide theater management. Tori is taking the responsibility of General Manager lead this year, with Jen and Marilyn providing assistance. We will give our tenants more details as we understand our workflow, but for sure our contact information will flow through and/or our theater phone number 415.456.8555.

George has spent his life in a theater career. He began working in the Playhouse when it was known as Theater Three for College of Marin. The theater has been the gracious beneficiary of many of his good works, including our rolling bar which he built for a prop for a College of Marin production, the back stage sheetrocking, cast bath backstage, green room improvements, and endless repairs and upgrades. George is our technical director, our booking agent, our concessionaire, and our facilities manager. His absence as theater manager will be felt deeply. It will take many of us to fill his shoes.

If you have any theater stories working with George that you would like to share with us, we'd love to hear them!

George Barcos receives a plaque honoring his service with the

Playhouse and the community. The plaque is mounted inside the Playhouse lobby on the Waverly St side of the entrance.

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