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Letter from the President

Dear Friend of the Playhouse,

As we all know, we are experiencing something we never thought could ever happen—the closing of theatres everywhere.  Losing the meaning of life in The Playhouse is emotionally, physically and financially challenging for us, our tenants, participants and audiences.  We know that theatre will return, and when it does it will be even better than before:  we will have a greater appreciation of what it means to us in our lives and how important The Playhouse is in our community.  


Until that time, The Playhouse Board is working hard to ensure that everything remains in perfect order and in some cases improved!  Since we do not have any rentals in The Playhouse at this time, and not certain when we will, we are relying on donations from our wonderful and dedicated supporters to keep our beloved Playhouse the treasure that it is for our community. 


Thank you for loving and supporting The Playhouse!

Marilyn Izdebski

President Playhouse in San Anselmo

Nov 19, 2020 

D3B0970hi-res copy - Marilyn

Marilyn Izdebski, President

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