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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Please read our COVID 19 Post for information on our policy.

The Playhouse will be closed due to safety concerns over COVID-19

Dear Tenants and Friends of the Playhouse

Following the announcement from the Governor of California asking businesses to close, we have temporarily suspended our cancellation and no-refund policy. The Playhouse is allowing a refund of your security deposit and rent paid if you were planning to be in the theater during this time. We hope our tenants will allow us to apply these payments towards a future residency.

The Ross Valley School District has called for a halt to group activity through April 17. We will follow their lead and review our refund policy again after April 17. 

Please contact us at and we can discuss your plan.  

We are in uncertain and unexpected times. Our commitment to the community means we are hopeful our policy change is in your best interests. We look forward to reopening our doors again when you are ready to return. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, please be safe. 

Marilyn, Gigi, Marty, Liza, China, Aaron, George, Jenny, David and Tori

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