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Halfway to 2020

Here it is halfway to 2020 and the Playhouse is ready. The Rental Info pages of our website are up to date with some look-ahead to our 2020 rates. We also updated our policies so please take a look if you are renting the theater.

In other news we did some minor updates to the building, covering the back windows and our Kensington street-side windows with painted siding to improve the look of the exterior. We still have work to do but we think we are headed in the right direction. During the summer months we’ll continue to update the exterior to improve the look for our neighbors. These improvements are not expensive and we are happy to have a Playhouse volunteer who is willing to take care of this for us.

Inside the theater we have a few improvements as well, we have;

  • Cleared out our backstage so there is more roomy space for props and set pieces during performances.

  • Improved access to our lighting grid by purchasing a used Lift and creating a garage for it in our improved Utility room back stage.

  • Accepted a gracious donation of a modern lighting board that can control moving light fixtures. This is an install in progress but we look forward to using it as our primary board for next season. If you are a returning tenant, we’ll reach out to you and make sure you are trained to use it successfully. Our more current lighting board will remain in the booth for the old school

users for awhile too.

Come on by and see if you like. Performances are listed on our Calendar page or contact the Playhouse Manager and we’ll arrange a walk through.

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