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Fall 2019 – The Playhouse has News

Its the beginning of our season and our venue rental tenants are preparing for some adventurous productions. Our calendar is up to date and has ticketing information. Follow us on our Instagram account @PlayhouseSanAnselmo for a picture posting now and again.

Never a dull moment here. When we weren’t booked with tenant productions, we took the time to finish some pretty exciting upgrades to the theater.

  • The upstairs dressing rooms have a renewed look and feel. A local Boy Scout troop came through to paint, trim, clean and add more counters to add capacity to our dressing rooms. If you are backstage, we hope you’ll like the newly refreshed areas.

  • Our seats are numbered! For those of you who rent our venue, a downloadable seating chart is available. We are currently working with Brown Paper to take over our official venue page and the seating chart will appear there soon. Numbers are affixed to the center of the seat pan and signage is placed in the theater to guide audience to their seat. Your house manager can reference the seating chart to help your audience find their place.

  • Entirely rebuilt and refurbished seating was completed this summer. Our seats are “vintage” and originally from a movie theater in Mill Valley. They were really starting to show their age. So we hired the local expert in the field of vintage seat repair and the refurbished seats were reinstalled in late September. This was not a trivial project and did cost us some cash. (If you feel like helping us with these costs our PayPal button is happy to hear from you.) And, while the seats were removed and no tenants in-house, we took the opportunity to thoroughly clean everywhere through out the facility, including those hard to reach areas above the seating. The risers were repainted and everything is really clean!

  • Some of you may have noticed our cracked exterior windows – well guess what? We fixed those too. We covered the lower windows with suitable wood paneling on the exterior and repaired the glass in the upper windows. Not only does the building look great from the outside, but we are keeping our temperature controlled air inside the building instead of sharing it with the outside world.

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