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Come to the Cabaret...

The MMTC Cabaret is coming Oct 5 & 6! Tickets are available now for this annual fund raising event performed at The Playhouse. The proceeds from the Cabaret are shared with us and we are happy to accept this generosity! This year not only will the talented members of MMTC perform but also performances by 23Elephants, Katia & Co and The Mayflower Chorus. We are so grateful to our tenants who are willing to help us maintain our mission to provide affordable theater space to the community. 

Doors open at 7pm for wine bar and silent auction. Performance starts at 8pm. MMTC is ready to accept cash, check, and credit card accepted for silent auction. Please consider coming out for an evening of great song and fun. Ticket links are on their website

Performers include: Ken Adams, Lori Arnold, Michele Blazek, Jenny Boynton, Greg Brockbank, Kim Bromley, Nelson Brown, Joan Cassin, Betsy Clark, Shari Clover, Tim Clover, Alex Coe, Lizzy Conran, Marla Cox, Jennifer Daine, Sibel Demirmen, Amy Dietz, Simon Eves, Michael Fox, Alison French, Jake Gale, Ana Hansen, Jane Harrington, Kasey Hernandez, Nancy Light, Chris Magaña, Kelsey Magaña, Dolores Manuel, James Montellato, Bryan Munar, Daniela Myers, Monica Norcia, Helen Pogrel, Tina Pult, Carl Robinett, Kelly Robinett, Tim Ryan, Carl Schick, Clark Schutz, Gabe Schutz, Noah Schutz, Victor Schutz, Tyler Anne Solum, Deborah Spake, Nicole Thordsen, Sandi Weldon, Cordell Wesselink, Katie Wickes, Pav Wilkinson

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