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COVID-19 Updates

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 may have entered a new phase, but  the performing arts industry is still recovering.

Our venue tenants are navigating the Covid landscape the best way they can for their performing troupe and their audience.  We respect their choices. We hope you will too.​

Our tenants may decide if they wish to offer concessions again, however we do ask that patrons respect each other and enjoy their purchases outdoors or at a safe distance from other patrons.  We hope you will continue to mask while you are in our lobby.

We want our patrons to feel safe in our performing space.  While there is no exact science to detect infection at the door, nor would we wish to impose this restriction on anyone, we hope you will consider staying home if you have been exposed to Covid or any infectious virus, don't feel well, have recently been actively traveling or participating in a large outdoor or indoor event. 

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