2017 Playhouse Board of Directors
Marilyn Izdebski – Board President
Tori Housh – Vice President
Gigi Desin-Phillips – Treasurer
Jennifer Boynton – Secretary
George Barcos  – Playhouse Manager
Marty Edelson
Liza Ingrasci
David Prothero
Virginia Stapleton
China Tamblyn-Cunniffe
Karen Thouvenin 
Advisory Board
Mary Jane Baird
Kathryn Barcos
Steve Plath
Kathy Hartzell
Rick Pullen
Cindy Herron
John Polachek
Lori Sparrow

Mary Jane Baird
[Retired Treasurer] Mary Jane Baird, a ham at heart, first succumbed to the magical spell of the Playhouse over twenty years ago when she played Mabel in the RVCS (YES) Adult Production of The Pajama Game. Her two sons, now UC Berkeley graduates, were just beginning their educational journey through the Ross Valley School District. Always an advocate for art and music in the schools, she became the Playhouse treasurer in 1992. Since woman cannot live by the arts alone, she maintains a day job as assistant to the president at Dominican University of California. Mary Jane lives in San Anselmo.

George Barcos
George is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and received his BA degree in Theatre Arts from San Jose State University. He has been employed in every aspect of technical theater from stage technician to technical director, designer and even occasional actor. George has been the General Manager of The Playhouse in 2000. He is a resident of San Rafael with his wife Kathryn.

Martha J. Edelson (Marty)
Marty has practiced as a speech-language pathologist for the past 24 years. She received a B.S. degree in Speech and Hearing Science and a M.S. degree in Speech Pathology from the University of Illinois (1974) and Bradley University (1976), respectively. She joined the Playhouse Board in 2000 and is active in chairing our fund raising campaigns.

Liza Ingrasci
Liza returned to the Board in 2009 after a few year hiatus. Liza and her family have been members of many Izdebski productions, so its no surprise she couldn’t stay away. Liza is managing director of the Hoffman Institute with responsibilities for enrollment, site planning and staffing. She received her B.A. in Developmental Psychology from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 1974. She has been with the Hoffman Institute since 1990.

Tori Housh
Tori is one of the founding members of the Playhouse In San Anselmo. She joined the Playhouse during its tenure as a committee under the umbrella of the Ross Valley Community for Schools Foundation (currently known as YES) and was part of the team that put together the Not For Profit Corporation so that the Playhouse could stand on its own. Tori is known in the community for her volunteer roles in the student theater program, YES Theater, and as the producer of YES Benefit Theater, which produced plays from 1982 to 2002. She currently resides in San Anselmo with her husband and two daughters, and has retired from all volunteer life except for the Playhouse.

Marilyn Izdebski
Marilyn, a well known Ross Valley and Marin community member for her many theater productions and dance classes, is a founding member of the Playhouse. She is the owner of Marilyn Izdebski’s Young People’s Productions and has brought her students into our performing space for over 20 years. Marilyn’s contributions to the theatre include many fundraisers, recruiting many of the dedicated board members and tirelessly keeping the theater space open and available to the public through much of its history.

John Polachek
After watching his two daughters Emma and Annie perform in countless Marilyn Izdebski shows, he joined the club and has performed in Marilyn’s adult-cast productions. Spending that much time in The Playhouse has motivated John, with 20 years of experience in Advertising/Design and Marketing, to join the board and help with presenting The Playhouse as not only a great venue for watching live performances, but also as a worthy investment in this wonderful community we share.

Virginia Stapleton
Virginia has been a Playhouse Board member for many years, long before it became its own entity in fact. Virginia lives in Larkspur and is the founder of Stapleton School of the Performing Arts. This Ballet school has the unique mission of providing professional dance training and performance opportunities, while incorporating a compassion for students as whole individuals.