Rental Info

Fees Effective Jan 1 2018
These fees are subject to change.
Please contact The Playhouse to confirm  rates.
Email Playhouse Manager George Barcos to inquire about available dates.
Available for Download – Policies and
Rental includes use of lights, sound, and Playhouse staff  on site during performances and previews. The Playhouse operates a concession at performances.
One-Week Exclusive
Exclusive use is one week, Monday-Sunday. Includes use of theater during operational hours as described in the Facility Use Agreement and four performances/previews.
Additional performances/previews
Daily Use
Daily rate includes use of the theater during operational hours as described in the Facility Use Agreement and one performance/preview per day.
Sunday through Thursday
Friday and Saturday
Additional performances/previews in one day
Hourly Use – No Performance
With work lights
With set lights/sound
Security/Cleaning Deposit
The Security/Cleaning Deposit must accompany the signed Facility Use Agreement to secure your dates at The Playhouse. The Security/Cleaning Deposit will be returned if all conditions of the signed Facility Use Agreement are met and no additional assessments are incurred.  
This fee is assessed to groups who wish to provide food and drink for their audiences in lieu of the Playhouse concession stand at any performance including previews  
Off-Season Rates  
July 1 through September 30, rates for Exclusive and Daily use are reduced 20%.  
Penalty Assessments  
To maintain our low cost, and assure incoming users that the Playhouse will be in good and clean condition, penalty assessments may be incurred for the following:
  • Additional hourly assessments
    The user will be assessed double the hourly (with work lights) rate for unscheduled extra hours incurred, such as a late closing, failure to load out by end of agreement period, etc.
  • Cleaning
    A cleaning fee will be assessed if user fails to leave premises in clean condition, as outlined in the strike and cleaning sections of the Facility Use Agreement.
  • Damage
    Any damage incurred by the user to the theater and its equipment will be charged to the user.
Certificate of Insurance  
A certificate of insurance naming The Playhouse in San Anselmo as “additional insured” must be provided one week prior to the first day of occupancy.