Ode to Our Back Stage Volunteers

A Tribute to The Fearless Foursome:
George Barcos, Kurt Housh,
Jonathan Pickett, and David Prothero

George the Stalwart looked the gods in the eye: “I’ve a Herculean $100,000 project and
a $50,000 budget, bring me three stouthearted men who will toil for 70 days and nights,
power tools at hand, whose only reward is free lunch!” And the gods complied with:

Kurt the Enforcer wielded a path of destruction with his mighty sledge
to tunnel and porch, then designed, framed and built them anew, all the while
rejecting bids and contracting labor only as a last resort;

Jonathan the Resolute, super volunteer bar none, who, fueled by Red Bull,
toiled all day on every part of the project, then put down his hammer
and saw to hit the books, studying for the dreaded bar;

David the Transformer never met a fuse, circuit, grid or board he couldn’t conquer;
he pulled out miles of wire, routed conduits and rewired, designed a complex system
for 70 emergency stair lights, all paving the way for our electrical upgrade;

Our Amazing Quartet who conquered the tunnel, the porch, the ramp,
the grid, heating, ADA, fire, and safety systems, befriended every clerk
at Jackson’s, Home Depot, OSH and Ace, and passed every inspection
and test levied by the Town, the Fire Marshal, and the California Bar!

Let us raise our glasses in toast and thanks to
the extraordinary accomplishments of
George, Kurt, Jonathan, and David,
whose efforts will benefit performers and audiences of
The Playhouse in San Anselmo
for generations to come.